Ada & Tochi: Ilashe Engagement shoot.

Dont just be good, be great.

It is always a great feeling when a client gives us great feedback. For me its always totally new, the burst, the high, that sweet feel. Now when its two clients back to back in one day then you can just imagine the feeling. And what did i do? I just got into my car and took a long drive, listening to some new good music and strategizing on how to build a quality team that will keep uping the game.

Now lets get back to the matter, Ada and Tochi where such a sweet pair to shoot, it was surely worth all my time, getting out my house early in the morning to go take some shots of them at Ilashe private beach, i mean, it was totally worth the boat ride (not that i ever complained). We used off camera flash to give the the shoot a different feel from what you’d normally see us do,  we love natural light for real.

Cant wait till you see their wedding, it was totally awesome.


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