Beautiful Minds

My art is my comfort zone, where my mind can stray and create pictures that enable me express how i feel inside. A lot of my works often become words that actually say how i feel, where i aspire to be or spell out covenants HE made with me. Am one that achieves major results from my positive mind set. Creating positive visions in your subconscious (on where you want to be/how life should be) is an enabling factor for your future. If you dont know about the law of attraction yet, then go research on it, it will do you loads of good.

Anyways, this is another side of my photography i really enjoy creating, artistic deliveries that say a thing or two.These are a couple of positive stories/works from my past and also of recent that i thought to share. I would be having more of these on the blog as i now have some more focused time to develop my storytelling/artistic side. Most of the pieces are silhouettes, b&w and darks. These are a good way to enhance that story telling mood, hence my reason for showing a few colored pieces.

Ensure to note the title of each piece and then try visualize for yourself what the story should be.


The perfect circle.
Eko o ni baje.
The Police is my friend.
Better days are ahead of me.

Baba Ruka.
Clear road for jaga jaga.
Dreamer girl.
You know am gonna shine like a trillion watts!!
Drummer boy.
Mr. Optimist.
Light at the end of the tunnel.
Light up my life.
Shine down on me.
Division of labour.
Am walking away.
Road to riches.
Direct my path.

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