Bunmi & Biola: All you are is all i’d ever need.

When i need motivation, my sure solution is my queen cos she stays strong.

I have been managing 2 active businesses for the past 7 months. It can get stressful at times with various challenges here & there but i have slowly come to realize that when you are passionate about what you do, the stress never really slows you down. Fratres (my menswear label) has gotten to a major maturity stage and we will be expanding again in a couple months, Duduguy Photography is also gradually breaking into the commercial scene – “Impossible is nothing my friends”.

Bunmi & Biola’s pre-wedding shoot was such a fun one. We shot at the avenue suites in VI & also went on a 2hr drive to the Epe golf resort which was such a beautiful location. While we had lunch at the Avenue, they both told me stories of how they started dating while they were in university  (this was 7 years ago by the way), to me it seemed they actually just started dating cos they were so into each other and didn’t stop teasing each other. They constantly got my team cracking with their jokes which made it such an easy shoot, cos then we didnt have to work too hard.

Bunmi claims she never really looks good when she smiles in pictures, well, i think she had a change of heart when we showed her our pictures of her. You be the judge though, what do you think? We are so looking forward to their wedding!!!

Enjoy viewing.

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