Bunmi & Tosho: A different Tale

I was totally sold on Bunmi & Tosho’s idea for their engagement shoot. What i did not quite know was the extreme they were willing to go to pull it off. Being a sucker for new ideas i jumped on it like a bad habit. They really wanted a rural Yoruba themed shot in an atmosphere that could compliment their costumes. I was able to tell a brief story with my shots with the help of Esse, who was also taping a short video of the couple while i clicked away. We rolled tapes at the Lekki conservation centre.

Enjoy viewing.


The Movie begins…lol
Loved how Tosho quickly got into character, this was him wondering how best to catch the girl of his dreams.
Bunmi gave us a lesson or two on how to wear fila(cap)..
I told you about the fila lessons…lol
My favourite shot of the lot..
I really enjoyed my time with these guys!!! We definetely need more couples like them..

Many thanks guys.

Amazon - September 6, 2013 - 12:25 am

Great pictures as usual…. hoping and working hard so that when I am getting married I would be a to afford you 🙂

Kehinde Songonuga - March 12, 2013 - 9:38 pm

Many thanks, i had a blast shooting there too. Didn’t even believe there was a location like that so close to me.

Jide Alakija - March 10, 2013 - 2:24 am

Nice one dude. Shot in this place for the first time last year. IT was really amazing. Great to see some more images on that “crocodile path”

admin - November 25, 2012 - 4:46 pm

The idea was purely birthed by the couple. Esse & I just excecuted it. We all had a great time.

admin - November 25, 2012 - 3:58 pm

Thank you sir!

Tozayah - November 23, 2012 - 9:56 pm

My favourite by a mile!

Tolu Bababunmi - November 23, 2012 - 11:36 am

Beautiful concept! Beautiful couple! Well done Duduguy

admin - November 23, 2012 - 10:34 am

Thanks Baby. Yes they really did.

baby - November 23, 2012 - 6:24 am

Lovely shoot. You can definitely tell they are a fun couple.

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