Damola & Dele: My Forever Gift

Waiting on the day, when you hang your things and stay. Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same.

Friendship in any relationship is really essential, there are many relationships these days (marriage included) where friendship is non-existent. Shooting Damola & Dele woke me up to that fact. Their friendship was vivid, plain to see. Compatibility, happiness & love are perquisites  for this life time contract we venture into, and Damola & Dele where not missing any of these.

I think we chose the hottest day in the whole world to shoot their pre-wedding photos but my clients were such great sports, willing to make it all work perfect despite the scorching heat. Damola and Dele were such a fun pair to shoot, it was never a dull moment.   We shot at the Tivoli Garden Hotel and the staff were so accommodating and nice. At the end of the shoot we had lovely ice cold Pinacoladas at the bar – I actually had two..lol

Enjoy Viewing.

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