Dance, light & Sand.

You have not witnessed a real workout until you’ve watched a dancer practice.

Every year, Bunmi and I have a dance shoot to see how far we both have gone with technique; so we view her dance skills thus far & also view my improvements in photography/lighting. So indirectly an appraisal to see if we had learnt anything so far from our last routine together. From my judgement with, i think we both can give ourselves a tap on the back cos its definitely a vast improvement from the last time we met.

After the shoot i had to express my  new found respect for her cos i saw all the hard work she put in, not to talk about the pain i felt assuming positions to get the right shots. In her words “I practically danced with her the way i contorted myself with my camera”, i mean, i had to assume almost the same position with her to get the right shots out. I actually do 3 days of cardio a week and that still wasn’t enough to keep me from having aches all over after the shoot.

Bunmi is so passionate about what she does and she is someone i respect alot, cos like every serious entrepreneur she reminds me of myself – We just believe in our ideas so much it really doesnt matter what anyone say/thinks. We believe our hustle will one day become an empire, an empire that will be spoken/written about and will change how people see the trade we find ourselves in. They call us hustlers but i say we are merely just living our dreams.

Enjoy Viewing.

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