Ebun & Koye: Limitless

Everyone has a love story. Once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes everything.

Knowing what Ebun & Koye experienced together while they dated gave me full appreciation of the vibe i got from them while we shot their wedding. The joy, the smiles, the hugs and stares made a lot more sense than normal. As i always say, marriage is really not about you but about your significant other. The sacrifices you make for him/her an the love you show when the going gets tough is  really what amounts to longevity in marriage. I honestly enjoyed photographing these guys cos the energy was just infectious and made me realize again why i loved the art. They threw down one hell of a classy party, all planned by Magna Events. The crowd was minimal and right and it was a strict black tie event. All i can say is this is one event id not forget in a hurry.

Enjoy Viewing.

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