Fratres Clothing: Quality, Luxury & Craft

I am a full time photographer but love fashion with a passion. I started a menswear brand in 2013 with two of my good friends and I am so proud of the brand – Fratres.  Fratres simply means brothers in Latin.

This means i double as the Creative director of Duduguy Photography & Fratres Clothing. Its a fun job but can be quite challenging at times. The new collection relates to my vision of style in a very pragmatic approach. Its very simple, clean & classy, a collection a gentleman that isnt loud but loves to stand out would appreciate -no frills no stories.

Our summer campaign for the 2016 summer collection focuses on the everyday life of a Fratres man. His aspirations, his challenges and massive attention to detail. Please visit to know more about the brand.

Enjoy viewing.

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