Funke & Ayotunde: A classic Tale.

So i finally get to posting weddings i shoot late 2012 up. I have to be honest, its a major headache for me finding time to post pictures between shooting, editing and understanding a new business venture i just got into (will be telling you more about that real soon). So a friend of mine asked me the other day if all my clients were actually what i portrayed on my blog (all nice, no frills and all). Well, i guess i am just blessed with the right people somehow.

So that goes to say Funke & Ayotunde were one of those perfect clients without issues. The chemistry between them was just so overwhelming i felt blessed being part of their special day. Funke was just a straight up funny person, she constantly cracked everyone up while she prepared for her special day, and Ayotunde (“Papatees” as Funke calls him) was just that cool dude that was always ready to listen, and burst a move when you least expect lol. Being honest its not every wedding i shoot i actually enjoy but this was one i definitely had a blast, it was just a party you had to be at to understand my words exactly. The ever so talented Lumi Morgan was my wing man on this one.

Enjoy viewing.


I definitely enjoyed shooting these two, they are a sure plus to my portfolio. Wish you the very best guys.

Kehinde Songonuga - March 21, 2013 - 4:37 pm

Hey Toun, totally agree with you! It was at Landmark.

toun - February 28, 2013 - 1:50 pm

where was this wedding,beautiful venue

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