Lapo & Biodun: Love & other stories..

We are artists. We strive to create the very best for our clients no matter who they are. We don’t just take pictures, we build relationships, long lasting relationships.

Biodun is one of my longest standing friends, known him since elementary school. He was a very troublesome kid then and he was given the name “Black Devel” (devil) by one of our (Ghanian) Lapo was just a totally different bride in her own case. She had no issues on the wedding day, no fuss, no frills, all she wanted to do was get married to that black dude!! These two were just an easy pair to shoot. Asides from the fact that Biodun had been practicing for the camera from the very day he proposed, it was just plain to see they were genuine friends and so great together.

Zapphaire events did a great job putting the event together and BM Pro was just on point with Lapo’s makeup. Ridwan Adepoju was my second shooter on this one, i think he totally did a great job. Congrats guys, and many thanks for letting us be a major part of your special day.

Check out Biodun’s swagger here, was like he was tap
Lapo’s parents moved the dance floor for real!!
This Biodun’s moves here though!! One of my favs by far!!
The connection between these two was just something out of this world, they were always just giggling..
These young men will be great posers real soon!! They rocked their outfits to the max!!
Wonder what he said here..hmmmm
The beat wasnt enough for this little princess!!
Well done guys. We wish you the very best in your marriage.

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