Miseducation of Lauren Hill.

Its funny how money changes situations..

The May Day Live concert was to hold earlier on in the year but was cancelled. Many speculated that it was because Lauren was unstable and irresponsible she pulled a no show. Others said the organizers were pulling a fast one and couldnt cover the cost. But then a video surfaced on the internet a few days later with Lauren & her band apologizing for the no show but promised to show as soon as all was in place. Fast forward till the show day, sound check for Lauren was something else. She said she didnt want anyone in the venue while she did her sound check, and if some sound equipment were not provided she was not going to perform that night. This delayed the show starting till about 12 midnight. Everyone kept calling her a diva, but all i wanted to see was Lauren hill perform.

I mean these classic sounds we listened and rocked to in the 90’s, from when she was with the Fugees to the Miseducation and for some of us deep followers, Lauren Hill Unplugged. Cutting the long story short Ms. Hill made up for keeping us all waiting from earlier up in the year till about 1am that early morning. The sound was electrifying the band was out of this world and Ms. Hill was as beautiful and youthful as ever. I mean, this woman already had 6 children and she looked like she was in her 20’s.

It was such a soulful night, we rocked to sounds we loved, from the soulful “Killing me softly” and “Ex-factor” to “Zion” then the more bouncy “How many Mics’ to Doo-wop and  Lost ones. Its safe to say Ms. Hill killed the show and silenced all doubting minds. She took us to heights unseen that night, she even took her shoes off and invited the crowd to dance on stage while she performed. She kept us intrigued for more than 2 hours, then ended the night by bringing her last daughter up on stage to sing with the band.

It was surely the best performance from any international act i had seen in Nigeria. See the pictures and feel my thoughts.

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