Molayo & Gori: My All in All..

My time with all Duduguy couples is always an appreciation period as we get to share the happiness of not just two people but two families. It helps to really appreciate and validate all over again why we are so in love with this trade. My time with Molayo & Gori was just a lovely one, she is such a pleasant personality so i was totally comfortable around her.

Gori & I went to University of Lagos, so when he asked me if i could shoot his wedding i was more than glad.  I was a little sick on the morning of the ceremony but Molayo ensured i didn’t stress too much and got the right meds to keep me going. Later in the afternoon i found myself much stronger and even partied with the… The music was fantastic thanks to DJ Lammy, It was definitely a good time for everyone.

Enjoy viewing..

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