Deeper than words: Solape & Muyiwa:

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Merry Christmas to my very dear viewers. As the year runs to a beautiful end i’d like to say a big THANKS to you all and hope you all have a beautiful 2014.

This was one wedding that i was sure i had a blast, being the official photog in charge, a groomsman and also a guest (i love my job). My brother & Friend got married and we had a ball, and when i say ball i mean BALL!!!!! Solape is one sweet heart that we all know(am sure you reading this would probably know her too) I was so glad when XO (Muyiwa) 1st told me he was dating Solape (please dont ask me the meaning of XO…lol), id always known her to be a very cheerful and fun-loving person. So news of their engagement was just music to my ears. Niyi Muyi of  iShootPhotography was my second shooter on this.

I wish you both the very best. Enjoy viewing.

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