The Bajan Experience

I’d recommend Barbados to anyone looking for a great holiday destination. From the clear waters and white sands on the beaches to the beautiful sunsets – a photographer’s paradise, you’d totally be blown away. We went on a trip to the Bajan Island back in 2011 for a wedding and we were lucky to have my good friend Lisa Niles plan activities that would later be unforgettable memories. On the island safari, we had such a wild time  and heard some great folk stories, culture and history from Thomas (our tour guide). The 4 x 4 ride was a great experience, with the mud splashes and access to some camera loving locations. Seeing the Morgan Lewis windmill in St Andrews was another highlight being that i had never seen its kind before. Its one of the 2 working sugar mills in the world today.

Our major buzz was the Jammin Catamaran cruise. We snorkled with enormous turtles and went on an underwater dive to see a sunken ship wreck. One thing that we all agreed was those guys on the Jammin cruise definitely know how to start a party, Lisa warned us not to have so much of the rum punch, we didn’t heed to her advice though, i guess we eventually understood why the Jammin cruise had such a buzz on it.

Enjoy viewing folks.

Looking out my window.
Speaking creole with gentlemen as i cruise the Caribbean..
We sure lit the party up, even the guys on the other cruise wished they were Jammin with us..
Thats me and my ride or die chick rolling out into the brewing storm..
Me and my Bajan

The Morgan Lewis Windmill in St Andrews
If you look closely at the formation of the rocks you’d see a face, there is an urban legend about this but i dont quite remember
Ok, so we go past this place and this guys were getting their butts tanned!!!
I went out with Lisa in search of a Rasta and i was rewarded with a geniue rasta man..
It was quite difficult leaving Barbados. I have to say it is one of the best vacations i have had till date.

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