Timilehin & Dapo(Preview): My art, my friend.

My art is my friend.

We strive to build relationships when it comes to our art. Its always been part of our business in Duduguy photography. “Then the client becomes your friend”,this should always be the end result for every artist in this environment. Timilehin and Dapo surely are friends of the team now, and i’d always thank them for letting us be a part of this day. Again, its not the full post yet but that will surely come soon.

Dapo is such a gentle man that constantly had a real great smile around the corner, Timleyin was always full of jokes (we wont forget the high school songs you shared with everyone) even through all the pressures of the day, that definitely did the trick for us.

They surely opened my mind up and took total advantage of us being there that day ! See a few of our favorite pieces from their collection..

Now this is swag!!
Momsie thought everyone a thing or two… Loving it!!
Yup, it was that exciting!!!!
I love the expressions here, “get down yeah common get down” (singing in Yeezy’s voice)..

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