Tosin & Tiwa: That Ultimate Friendship

Friendship in marriage is of great importance. Love is ultimate but friendship is key.

Shooting Tosin & Tiwa was fun cos they were open to something different. Tosin is a very talented designer (she designed all the dresses she wore on the shoot & even her wedding) and Tiwa is a fitness instructor that runs his own gym. I remember when i came up with the idea for the shoot, they were more than glad to make it happen. Tosin has such a fun and easy going personality, she gave no stress whatsoever and was willing to do all it required to make the shoot memorable. Tiwa being a fitness instructor put all we needed to ensure everything went smoothly together.

It was such a fun time, i mean, behind all these beautiful pictures we had loads of laughs, jokes and mistakes which made it all come together. From the way they spoke, touched and joked around you’d see the unadulterated  friendship between them clearly.

Also, thanks to Bimbo of Subtle elegance for helping ensure all went well.

Enjoy viewing.

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