What’s your P ?

Its been quite a start to a terrific year. Towards the end of last year i kept seeing/hearing messages everywhere (and i mean everywhere, i.e. in books, on billboards, in church, from friends, strangers, while i exercised, while i slept and from above) saying “Make the moves, take those risks while you can, now that you can”. Well, just like i got it, id love you to have it too! Getting a NO or failing never really kills you, it only helps you make a better move next time.

Now permit me to tell a different type of story from what you are used to me telling. I had the opportunity of shooting the Porsche brand at the world class show room in Lagos sometime last year. These designs are not just cars known for their beauty and speed but also the intricate detail with very precise curves and lines, and anyone that really knows my works will understand that i love detail. So i decided to show you the brand from my own point of view – a different point of view.

In my opinion, the good Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche truly left a legacy. Mr. Sam Effiong (Sixth Frame) was my wing man on this one.

Enjoy viewing.

kikky - August 17, 2013 - 1:40 pm

exquisite and clean. both the photography and the cars

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