Winter meets Summer..

The further i get, the further i want to go.

I had the opportunity to document my time in Canada and it was just a very unique period. In the space of 1 week we were opportuned to see 2 extremely different weather situations; the extreme cold with 3 inches  high snow (where you can’t feel your fingers type cold) and total warm summer with sweet blue skies and blooming plantations. Mr. Bond and I went out in the snow looking for pictures and it was just a totally terrific experience .I also had the opportunity to work with the beautiful @dorcasola on her natural hair campaign (never seen Nigerian hair that good).

We went out to Niagara to spend some time with Carlos and Christine in their Cottage. Right behind their house there was a mind blowing grape and appricot plantation running into hundreds of hectares, it was just mind blowing for me.

Overall i had a terrific time seeing Canada.


Mr. Bond was my tour guide on this story.
The lovely Dorcasola and her beautiful hair.
Tiaraoluwa, Doyin, Kemi and Tia’s baby sitter for the day Ayoka.
Christine said this house was haunted, i dint see any ghost though.
This is how much i love photography…
I present to you my Toronto team, Bayo Bond and Dorcasola..

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